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Sixgroups at the next09 conference


We are looking forward to meeting everyone at the next09 conference. We really enjoyed the mix of people last year.

If you are still looking for a ticket you can get 20% off by following this link.

See you there!



Preprint of scientific paper about Instant Online Communities available

Jan Milz – co-founder of and one of the authors – has made the preprint of the scientific paper about Instant Online Communities available. This paper is going to be published in the HCII proceedings in Springer’s Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Notice: The paper is a preprint, © Springer 2009. All rights reserved.

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Thank you for the ride

Today is my last day at sixgroups. I am leaving the company as CEO but will remain as shareholder and partner for sparring ideas and strategies.
We have made amazing progress during the last two years but for me the time has come to move on.

The last year has been thrilling – starting with the development of the Livecommunity (the first integrated community solution for every website) and the launch of the Livecommunity on the next08 in May (thanks Martin). Furthermore we won O’reillys WebExpo New York and Berlin as customer for our conference solution (thanks Stowe, Janetti and Brady).

The biggest thank you goes out to Andy, Jan, Helge and Johannes for pushing sixgroups that far and for keep on doing it further from today together with Philipp. Because sixgroups is changing again (as we did two times in the last two years) sixgroups will rock again with the new business to business focus.

I’d like to thank also our dear business angels and our Co-Founders: Thomas and Tom.

I am going to work now as a freelance consultant specialised on social media and gambling. If you want to contact me use twitter or email, drop me a line at XING or just say hello to me at the re:publica. at the infect09

infect09Philipp will present our new social media solution for businesses at the infect09 tomorrow today! The two day conference is about to happen in Düsseldorf and will attract a fine audience of marketing professionals. The conference topic is viral marketing.

sixgroups co-worked on scientific paper Livecommunity has supported several conferences such as (suspended) OMD, Web 2.0 Expo, or VielMehr. In the follow-up of the VielMehr conference one of the organizers, Dr. Martin C. Kindsmüller, brought up the idea to write a scientific paper for the HCI International 2009. In this paper the application of the Livecommunity as an instant online community (IOC) in the context of a conference should be analyzed. Now, a paper titled Instant Online Communities as a means to foster conferences written by Martin C. Kindmüller, Jan Milz, and Johannes Schmidt is submitted to HCII and is going to be published in the HCII proceedings in Springer’s Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Martin C. will present it at HCII which takes place this summer in San Diego, CA, USA.

We start with the introduction of our notion of an instant online community. As mentioned, we further analyze the successful application of the Livecommunity at VielMehr in detail, uncover several shortcomings and sketch appropriate solutions to solve the described issues and to improve the Livecommunity (lessons learned). Finally, we introduce the idea of the Shared Common Subject spreading beyond system boundaries. This spreading which implies the blurring of system boundaries is enabled by IOCs providing backchannel functionality such as the Twitter backchannel of the Livecommunity. We regard this idea which causes a paradigm shift as the (scientific) foundation of our future activities.

Update 10/2009: Jan just published his Diplomarbeit – Instant-Online-Communities

Good news everyone.

Last night we released the latest version of the sixgroups technology and platform. We call this „the stable release“, you might think this is sarcastic because of minor and major hick-ups that we will experience during the next days but in the long run sixgroups will be far more robust and faster. 🙂

Some new features:

We removed the chat length limitation of 140 characters. If you are syncing your shouts with twitter, no problem. It will automatically cut off your shout and post a link to the shout.

Feel free now to post messages on user walls in external livecommunities. (Yes, you could not do so in earlier versions 😉

We added an Ad space to the Livecommunity as unobtrusive as possible (hey, we have to make money somehow).
In this regard we only show ads to users that are not logged in- so if you are logged in you won’t see ads at all (nice, eh?).

Get a Livecommunity for your Website now. It’s easy, fun, and free:

All the best from the 6g Headquarter

Your 6g team.

Community is done, get over it

Hi, I am Philipp. I am happy to announce that I am now working part-time with these great guys at This is my “evangelism statement”.

Fancy to start the next great music or video or student or mama or Emo or deep-pan pizza lovers (I would join!) community? I wish you good luck. At 6g we know what we are talking about, we are currently hosting over 2300 special interest communities. People are fed up. They don’t want to join anything anymore. They are on facebook, myspace, Xing, or somewhere else, but they are there.

If you haven’t locked in your community by now, chances are you never will.

The great news? It doesn’t matter.

People will still use your site or service, because they like it, because it is useful to them, or maybe, if you are really lucky, they care about it.

Now you only need to understand that community is not membership anymore. Community is engagement, interaction, sharing. And you will need that. You have to prepare for this. People want this. Otherwise somebody else will come, more open and understanding user’s needs better.

Identify your users, your tribe. Who are these X people that visit your site everyday? Let them engage with you and other users. On your site, on other sites, in their networks. Bring them together, make them visible, and let your users connect. Use these trends. Leverage the power of community-based social media marketing.

Another great news: It is easier than you think, it is no pain. You don’t need to take steps that you might not be ready to take. To start a blog or twitter, to suddenly engage in facebook groups or even to put your phone number on your homepage can be great challenges. It is good if you can take them, but it is not necessary, you just need to leverage your crowd and build on what you already have accomplished.

Leave the challenge to us. We have the skills and tools to do it. We are building something very cool and very useful. Please talk to us if you would like to learn more about our social media marketing machine and how you can benefit from it.

2222 communities on

2222 communities on

Hey, wait a second. Our business plan says, this should have happened on 22nd February. We’re one month early… 😉

New office

Seems that we have forgotten to tell you that we have moved to a new office 😉 . It is an extraordinary place in Hamburg Hoheluft: on the top of an overground bunker – with a 360° view. We really love it, just have a look:

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