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Growth is exciting…. proud to serve web2.0 Expo

As you might have noticed, we have had connectivity issues on Monday and also partly on Tuesday. This is partly due to the fact that we are hosting two premium Livecommunities at the moment: Apart from the European Online Marketing Conference OMD which has been online for a few weeks already we are now providing a Livecommunity for THE ULTIMATE web2.0 conference, the web2.0 Expo NewYork!

Thanks to talks with the web2.0 organizers at O’Reilly by our advisor Stowe Boyd, we are able to provide the community network on crowdvine with an enhanced conference version of The Livestream is aggregating Tweets, Flickr photos, blogposts and YouTube videos tagged w2e_NY08 or web2expo a. Until today we already aggregated more than 1500 tweets related to the conference, as well as a bunch of other interesting resources.

Unfortunately one of our application servers crashed on Monday morning, and it took us way to long to replace it. Combined with the higher traffic from the conferences we were unable to cope with the requests coming in to our servers and thus were unreachable for quite some time – we are really sorry about that!
We worked hard to fix the performance issues and the team has basically forgotten what beds look like since… well…  the application server has been replaced with a stronger one and the performance issues have been resolved – yay!

We also added a bunch of features in the latest release, of which most are also available in the standard version of Livecommunities.


You can now filter the Livestream of communities by a variety of filters to show only things you are interested in, e.g. only new images or tweets:


Featured Livediscussions

If you feel like something you said is of major importance and want to point others to your post, you can change the title and permalink of the post to something meaningful. Instead of linking to you can now create links like


For conferences we also added a new feature that allows them to add a twitter hashtag to the room, so people can tweet their responses directly into that room:



You can now deeplink to posts in your Livecommunity:
If you want to a post directly from your own page with a Livecommunity, add the class „sgDeeplink“ to your anchors, to make them open in the overlay.:
<a href=““ class=“sgDeeplink“ >Mein Deeplink</a> , e.g. like this: Check out what Helge said in the Livestream

Follow discussions

Before, it was hard to get back to a post in the Livestream without bookmarking the permalink somewhere. Now you can do this with the new „follow“ functionality. Click on the little heart on the right corner of every new item in the Livestream to add this to your list of followed posts.

Follow a discussion

You can then filter the Livestream to show only discussions you like:

filtered by favs

Custom guest name

Guests can now pick a custom name:


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