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New features for partnersites, new login methods and more…

Last week we released another new version of As always, we have some cool new features for you:

New features for partner websites.
We think of our communities as networks of websites and people, that share a unifiying topic or passion for something.
Today’s release strengthens the role of the partner websites of a community. Partner websites can now share their content with community via RSS.
Website owners can now register their site with a community and add an RSS feed.
The posts from this feed will then show up on the community page and in all the content and livecommunity widgets on all other participating partnersites of this community.
Neat, huh?
If you are interested in creating a bigger network of websites around a certain topic, please contact Philipp (

New Login process

We believe in open standards. From today it is easier than ever before to sign in to using OpenID (Yiid, Google, Yahoo or any other OpenID Provider) and OAuth (Twitter).
If you plan to use one of these login methods for an exisiting account, you can do this in your profile settings. We are working hard to enable more cool things like this in cooperation with Yiid (e.g. a neat thing called „portable contacts“). We are really glad people seem to like it :  Reactions on twitter by tfoemrtopf, weyandch


Enhanced spam protection
We added a spam report button to content pages and introduced a user friendly email verification process (hopefully you like it too). If users want to use some functions that proved to be attractive for spammers before, (posting on people’s walls or writing messages), you now need a verified email address.



Twitter and German football clubs: tribe management & crowdsourcing

Do we love FC St. Pauli? We do!
Do we use twitter? Have a look at our Twitter account, managed by BasisStPauli and friends!

But what about other German football clubs, do they use Twitter?

They do, and and the battle has just begun!

Here is a list of some German twitter accounts (and one international 😉 ranked by their number of followers in late December 08: (127) (111) (106) (92) (79) (77) (73) (73) (72) (71) (59) (51) (47) (34) (29) (20) (3)

Many of them started twittering in the last months as FC St. Pauli did.
But most of them, maybe all of them are initiated by fans! And surprisingly (or maybe not) other users accept these fan driven accounts as they were an official communication channel. Congratulations on victories, rumors about potential transfers, or player injuries are seriously discussed among the fans and the clubs,  which are represented by fans again. This is a form of tribe management as described in Seth’s blog and also some kind of crowdsourcing.

Did marketers sleep?
Yes sure 😉 but i think they didn’t even have a real chance to get into it, as new technology is emerging way too fast for most players.

If Twitter is really getting into mainstream and is established as a fan communication channel the same will sure happen to other brands as well.

Move fast now, and you can try to gain leadership in your tribe. The only thing you need is heart and soul!
Maybe you’re into sports or brand products and want to start before labels, brands or institutes try it themselves?

This kind of tribe leadership and crowdsourcing is putting people back in control, and that feels good!

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