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Die Quu ist vom Eis Was für ein Name, dachten wir, als uns unsere befreundete Agentur pier314 von Ihrem Relaunch Projekt für das Webradio erzählte. Die 6g Livecommunity Technologie sollte glücklicherweise auch eine Rolle spielen und so kam es, dass wir in den letzten Wochen eine angepasste und erweiterte Communitylösung für Quu gebaut haben.

Anne, Boris und Niclas von pier314 sowie die Quu-Jungs haben ein schönes Konzept entwickelt, in welches sich unsere Livecommunity fast nahtlos einfügen ließ. Ein Flash Radio-Player wurde eingebettet, das Design angepasst, und das Ganze auf eine iFrame Lösung portiert. Dadurch kann das Radio beim Surfen durchs Netz „mitgenommen“ werden. Alle Blogger und Websitebetreiber können sich natürlich auch den Widget Code holen und die Quu Community samt Radio auf der eigenen Site einbinden!

Am besten schaut ihr euch das neue einmal an. Wir von 6g kannten Quu bisher nicht und ehrlicherweise machen napster, lastfm und spotify schon viel Spaß bei der täglichen Bürobeschallung. Aber eine richtige, moderierte Radioshow 2.0 ist eine feine Sache und wir hören immer öfter rein. Rock, Pop und Electro, alles Indie, mit echten Perlen wie Vampire Weekend, Novelle Vague, Goldfrapp, Fleet Foxes und und und, ausgewählt von Moderatoren wie Ray Cokes (!), Gunnar von Echt (!) und Michel Friedman (!). Man merkt überall die Liebe zum Detail und wir freuen uns, am Projekt mitzuwirken. Ich denke, das ist das größte Kompliment, was wir dem Quu Team machen können.

Tune in and rock on

Phil und die 6g Crew.

PS: Die Jungs vom Markenwerk haben designtechnisch auch wieder ganze Arbeit geleistet. Fresh!

Twitter and German football clubs: tribe management & crowdsourcing

Do we love FC St. Pauli? We do!
Do we use twitter? Have a look at our Twitter account, managed by BasisStPauli and friends!

But what about other German football clubs, do they use Twitter?

They do, and and the battle has just begun!

Here is a list of some German twitter accounts (and one international 😉 ranked by their number of followers in late December 08: (127) (111) (106) (92) (79) (77) (73) (73) (72) (71) (59) (51) (47) (34) (29) (20) (3)

Many of them started twittering in the last months as FC St. Pauli did.
But most of them, maybe all of them are initiated by fans! And surprisingly (or maybe not) other users accept these fan driven accounts as they were an official communication channel. Congratulations on victories, rumors about potential transfers, or player injuries are seriously discussed among the fans and the clubs,  which are represented by fans again. This is a form of tribe management as described in Seth’s blog and also some kind of crowdsourcing.

Did marketers sleep?
Yes sure 😉 but i think they didn’t even have a real chance to get into it, as new technology is emerging way too fast for most players.

If Twitter is really getting into mainstream and is established as a fan communication channel the same will sure happen to other brands as well.

Move fast now, and you can try to gain leadership in your tribe. The only thing you need is heart and soul!
Maybe you’re into sports or brand products and want to start before labels, brands or institutes try it themselves?

This kind of tribe leadership and crowdsourcing is putting people back in control, and that feels good!

The BarCamp has left the building.

The second BarCamp in Hamburg was one of this year’s pleasant surprises. From the good management, the roomy location and the really delicious catering to the interesting sessions it succeeded in motivating its participants. But then again, the latter may be connected. Who wants to meet on an empty stomach?
The only issue was that the initial timetable was a bit ambitious starting with breakfast at 8:30 h. It resulted in a reschedule of the key note to 10:30 h. Seems like the web crowd cannot be convinced to show up that early on a weekend.

The sessions covered a wide range of topics i.e. viral marketing of a community, writing and publishing books, Barack Obama’s online campaign and even fun sessions like analyzing cat communities (lolcats anyone?).

A novelty was the high demand for tech-topics like server scalability, load-balancing and the alike. One of these sessions even had to change rooms and in the end filled the first 4 rows of the main room.

The statistics of the Livecommunity of the BarCamp speak for themselves: A BarCamp is a TwitterCamp. Over the course of the event 2269 tweets showed up, making #bchh08 a trending topic on and even beating Berlin’s Webexpo 2008 who lead to 1910 tweets (running 3 days). More statistics can be found on the blog of one of the organizers.

This BarCamp really raised the bar for the next ones to come.
In short: See you all next year!