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Happy New Year!

We wish you all a very happy 2010!

As a small gift from us we extended our Facebook Connect implementation 🙂

From now on you can send all your posts in any Community to Facebook and Twitter at the same time:

Post to Facebook and Twitter from sixgroups

Post to Facebook and Twitter from sixgroups

Post on Facebook send from

Post on Facebook send from

Post on Twitter send from

Post on Twitter send from

Register with Facebook Connect

With Facebook we have added THE social network to our list of identity providers:


Enjoy here.

6g Brandfeed – Community-driven Social Media Monitoring

On our mission to building useful social web tools we constantly surf along Jeremiah Owyang site for inspiration and wisdom. Jeremiah belongs to a highly renowned group of social web analysts and his input is always greatly appreciated. One of his latest articles on aggregation of content on corporate sites could not be timed any better for us to get prove for our latest concept, the 6g brandfeed.

Based on our framework, the 6g Brandfeed is able to collect relevant data from sites like twitter, youtube, facebook, etc. and present it on a microsite/widgets/corporate website. This public social media monitoring is fostered by rich community features. Users are able to comment, rate, and tag relevant content and so start to interact with the brand, e.g. its fans, critics and employees.

Jeremiah says:

[To regain trust, corporate websites will look more like a collection of real-time customer discussions –not just product pitches]

With our technology and Know-how, we want to help brands on their mission to become more than product pitches, to move closer to their users, to build long -lasting partnerships.

More on 6g Brandfeeds soon. If you are interested to learn more please contact us anytime.

*German press release for the 6g Brandfeed Launch*

Join with your website and share your content

Since our last update you are now able to join a community with your website – just by embedding widgets!
This lets you share your content via RSS with communities and their partnersites.

What are the benefits? Well, you’ll reach more people on the web! 🙂

How does it work? Have a look at

…and here is a partnersite with some widgets:

Joining a community with your website(s) is easy.

1. Click on the join button


You’ll find this button on a community’s homepage in the sidebar.

2. Fill out the register website form


3. „My websites“

After saving you’ll get an overview of your websites.


I just have registered my website – but no widget is embedded yet. First, I’ll add my RSS.

4. Save your RSS feed


By providing your RSS feed we will be able to syndicate your latest content into the community’s Livestream. Your content will be shared with the community as well as with every content widget  embedded on other participating websites.

5. Embed a widget

Now it’s time to embed a widget. On „Add widgets“ (see above) you’ll get an overview of all available widgets.


We provide four widgets at the moment:

  • Livecommunity: A bar ontop of your page which opens an overlay providing all community features.
  • Livecontent: The latest content of the Livestream
  • Members
  • Badge: Some community statistics

Every widget comes with an „Add widgets“ link where you’ll find the embed codes.

6. Let the community founder to approve your site

Once you have embedded a widget the founder receives an email containing your request. If approved you’ll get an email, too – and your website appears in the partnersite list.

7. Summary

  • Register your website.
  • Embed widgets (notice: for each website there is a unique „Add widgets“ link on „My websites“).
  • Provide an RSS feed to share your content (optional).
  • Let the founder approve your site.

Questions? Just drop us an email to support[at]

New features for partnersites, new login methods and more…

Last week we released another new version of As always, we have some cool new features for you:

New features for partner websites.
We think of our communities as networks of websites and people, that share a unifiying topic or passion for something.
Today’s release strengthens the role of the partner websites of a community. Partner websites can now share their content with community via RSS.
Website owners can now register their site with a community and add an RSS feed.
The posts from this feed will then show up on the community page and in all the content and livecommunity widgets on all other participating partnersites of this community.
Neat, huh?
If you are interested in creating a bigger network of websites around a certain topic, please contact Philipp (

New Login process

We believe in open standards. From today it is easier than ever before to sign in to using OpenID (Yiid, Google, Yahoo or any other OpenID Provider) and OAuth (Twitter).
If you plan to use one of these login methods for an exisiting account, you can do this in your profile settings. We are working hard to enable more cool things like this in cooperation with Yiid (e.g. a neat thing called „portable contacts“). We are really glad people seem to like it :  Reactions on twitter by tfoemrtopf, weyandch


Enhanced spam protection
We added a spam report button to content pages and introduced a user friendly email verification process (hopefully you like it too). If users want to use some functions that proved to be attractive for spammers before, (posting on people’s walls or writing messages), you now need a verified email address.



Good news everyone.

Last night we released the latest version of the sixgroups technology and platform. We call this „the stable release“, you might think this is sarcastic because of minor and major hick-ups that we will experience during the next days but in the long run sixgroups will be far more robust and faster. 🙂

Some new features:

We removed the chat length limitation of 140 characters. If you are syncing your shouts with twitter, no problem. It will automatically cut off your shout and post a link to the shout.

Feel free now to post messages on user walls in external livecommunities. (Yes, you could not do so in earlier versions 😉

We added an Ad space to the Livecommunity as unobtrusive as possible (hey, we have to make money somehow).
In this regard we only show ads to users that are not logged in- so if you are logged in you won’t see ads at all (nice, eh?).

Get a Livecommunity for your Website now. It’s easy, fun, and free:

All the best from the 6g Headquarter

Your 6g team.

Livecommunity update

We released a really big update of the Livecommunity early this morning:

Usability enhancements

Starting with the toolbar we reduced the number of items and links significantly. We eliminated the search form, login/register and lots of other things and added a big „open“ link:


We applied the same principle to the first overview page of the Livecommunity:

– separation between main content area and sidebar

– reduced functional links, i.e. filters are hidden

– added a breadcrump navigation

– Livecommunity opens now in full browser height allowing more entries to be displayed

The new toolbar is available and you have to update your embed-code to a new version. You can do this manually by changing this line:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

or go to the community your choice and get the new code from the partnersites overview.


You can now embed presentations from slideshare within the Livestream. Just post the URL in the shoutform and the presentation will be part of your community:


We also made a lot of changes in the background. These should lead to a more stable and faster version.

Tell us how you like the new Livecommunity.

Growth is exciting…. proud to serve web2.0 Expo

As you might have noticed, we have had connectivity issues on Monday and also partly on Tuesday. This is partly due to the fact that we are hosting two premium Livecommunities at the moment: Apart from the European Online Marketing Conference OMD which has been online for a few weeks already we are now providing a Livecommunity for THE ULTIMATE web2.0 conference, the web2.0 Expo NewYork!

Thanks to talks with the web2.0 organizers at O’Reilly by our advisor Stowe Boyd, we are able to provide the community network on crowdvine with an enhanced conference version of The Livestream is aggregating Tweets, Flickr photos, blogposts and YouTube videos tagged w2e_NY08 or web2expo a. Until today we already aggregated more than 1500 tweets related to the conference, as well as a bunch of other interesting resources. Continue reading ‚Growth is exciting…. proud to serve web2.0 Expo‘

Twitter directly from your Livestream, find your friends on six groups

Yesterday’s release brings some new cool features and one major bugfix to


You can now send a copy of your Livecommunity posts to Twitter:


When sending tweets from you can choose between eight different icons to express your current mood. We also use these icons to identify posts from to prevent them from showing up in the Livestream a second time.


Global Twitter search

Up till today the Livestream would only show Tweets from sixgroups users.  Now you can also chose to display Tweets from the global Twitter search.

Find your friends on

Finding people on you already know by email has just become a lot easier. Import your contacts from your webmail adress book (eg. Gmail, MSN, Yahoo, etc) and we will tell you, who of your mail contacts already has a account. Contacts who are not on yet, can be invited to join.  Of course we do not store your email address or password for this service.

Safari overhaul

So far we have treated Safari as a second class citizen. With this release we have fixed some JavaScript issues and a login problem in the Livecommunities related to pretty strict third party cookie regulations in Safari. We are happy to announce that all known Safari bugs have been eliminated or worked around with the current release (tested on the Safari 3.1).

OpenID fixes for Yahoo OpenIDs

A bug with OpenID Login with Yahoo OpenIDs discovered by Bernd Schmitz on Saturday night , that made us precautiously disable OpenID logins in general for ~24h, has been fixed too. When people tried logging into using only as OpenID URL, the system stored a wrong OpenID for those users. Instead of using the proper Yahoo OpenID URL, which the server returned after authenticating  (e.g. ), got saved as their OpenID in the database. When these users then tried logging in with as OpenID URL, they ended up being logged in as the first user that was found the DB with this URL (in this case the user art99). Luckily only two users were affected, the error has been fixed and OpenID Login is now fully functional again. We are really sorry for the caused inconvenience.

Livecommunity gets more eye-catching

Last week we rolled out a new release. The most obvious changing covers the height of the Livecommunity (have a look at the top of this blog). Several webmasters and users mentioned that the Livecommunity lacks of visibility. That was a positive surprise as we thought that the Livecommunity should be as discreet as possible. So we added some pixels 🙂 . Enhancing the visibility of the Livecommunity is one of our main goals for the next weeks.

Another apparent add-on is the search field on the upper right side. The Livecommunity’s search feature includes 3 searches in 1:

  • Site search,
  • results of the community’s Livestream,
  • results from all of the other six groups Livecommunities.

The search feature is optional. There is a special parameter in the Livecommunity’s JavaScript code to turn this feature on or off.

„Inside“ the Livecommunity you’ll find the latest visitors and the partnersites of a Livecommunity. In this context we introduced an administration area where founders can manage their partnersites.

The response feature for Livestream shouts is not new, however we have optimized it’s visibility:

Livestream response

You also have extended privacy options. Just set if your Livestream postings (including external resources such as Tweets) should be indexed by search engines and if you want to be displayed in six groups widgets.

If you’d like something to say drop us an email or twitter us here. Your feedback is always highly appreciated!

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