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next09 for your website


Share. This year’s theme for next09, the main German web event, nails it. The next09 opens its gates next week for 2 days of extensive networking, learning, and you guessed it, sharing.

We understand, enable, and believe in the share economy. It is the foundation of our approach on online communities and we are proud to serve as a media partner for the next09.

Our goal is to connect several blogs and sites with our next09 content widgets (get them for your blog here), which display all action at and around the conference. Visit the livestream to stay up-to-date or join the discussion by tagging your content (tweets, blogs, photos, videos) with #next09.

We see you at the next09. Please come around and have a chat with us (Andy and Philipp). We are especially looking for content leaders (publishers, sites, marketers) to explore the opportunities of co-founded widget-driven communities and vertical networks. See you soon!


Share – Das Motto der diesjährigen next, dem Web Event in Deutschland, bringt es auf den Punkt.

Die next09 öffnet ihre Tore am nächsten Dienstag für 2 Tage voller Netzwerken, Lernen und natürlich „Sharing“.

Wir von glauben an die Share Economy. Sie ist die Grundlage unseres Ansatzes für den Bau von Online Communities und wir sind stolz als Media Partner in diesem Jahr wieder dabei zu sein.

Mit unser Technologie helfen wir allen, die sich für die next interessieren und keine Action rund um die Konferenz zu verpassen wollen.

Hilf uns dabei und hol dir die next09 Widgets auf deinen Blog. Schaut in den Livestream, um nichts zu verpassen und werdet Teil der next09, indem ihr eure Inhalte (tweets, blogs, photos, videos) mit ’next09′ (Twitter #next09) tagged.

Wir sehen uns auf der next09. Wir freuen uns auf euch und eure Projekte. Sprecht uns an (Andy und Philipp), um die Möglichkeiten einer Kooperation auszuloten, bei der wir mit Hilfe unserer Widget Technologie themenorientierte Netzwerke gründen. Besonders interessant für traffic-starke Sites und Vermarkter. Bis bald!

Preprint of scientific paper about Instant Online Communities available

Jan Milz – co-founder of and one of the authors – has made the preprint of the scientific paper about Instant Online Communities available. This paper is going to be published in the HCII proceedings in Springer’s Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Notice: The paper is a preprint, © Springer 2009. All rights reserved.

sixgroups co-worked on scientific paper Livecommunity has supported several conferences such as (suspended) OMD, Web 2.0 Expo, or VielMehr. In the follow-up of the VielMehr conference one of the organizers, Dr. Martin C. Kindsmüller, brought up the idea to write a scientific paper for the HCI International 2009. In this paper the application of the Livecommunity as an instant online community (IOC) in the context of a conference should be analyzed. Now, a paper titled Instant Online Communities as a means to foster conferences written by Martin C. Kindmüller, Jan Milz, and Johannes Schmidt is submitted to HCII and is going to be published in the HCII proceedings in Springer’s Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Martin C. will present it at HCII which takes place this summer in San Diego, CA, USA.

We start with the introduction of our notion of an instant online community. As mentioned, we further analyze the successful application of the Livecommunity at VielMehr in detail, uncover several shortcomings and sketch appropriate solutions to solve the described issues and to improve the Livecommunity (lessons learned). Finally, we introduce the idea of the Shared Common Subject spreading beyond system boundaries. This spreading which implies the blurring of system boundaries is enabled by IOCs providing backchannel functionality such as the Twitter backchannel of the Livecommunity. We regard this idea which causes a paradigm shift as the (scientific) foundation of our future activities.

Update 10/2009: Jan just published his Diplomarbeit – Instant-Online-Communities

Tipptotal – Salon91’s football pool now featured by six groups Livecommunity

Joscha, Christian and Stefan from Salon91 just launched the latest edition of their football* pool game (in German „Tippspiel„).
It is configured  for the upcoming season of the German Bundesliga. Everyone can run an instance of the game on a subdomain, e.g. – – or on their own domain.

What role do we play in this?

Six groups enables several websites to be part of one big community. In this case Salon91’s customers who get their own installation can connect it with the six groups  Tipptotal community, and enable their visitors to communicate with its crazy betting pool crowd.

Salon91 is planning to change the tags of the Livestream to popular topics like „DFB Pokal“, „Herbstmeister“, „Ribery“ , etc. from time to time. The Livestream will always gather relevant content from the web for the participating websites.

This is great for all participants because users get to know each other, discover other websites and topic related content.

Check it out:

We invite everyone who loves football to challenge us in our football pool game here: !

*we mean soccer football not football football 😉

Livecommunity for Going Solo Leeds Conference will be a media sponsor of the next Going Solo Conference, an educational web conference which will be held in Leeds, UK on September 12th, 2008.
Our advisory board member Stowe Boyd introduced the Livecommunity to Going Solo organizer Stephanie Booth who integrated the Livecommunity on the conference website yesterday. She also posted a really nice explanation on how to participate on her blog. also offers premium packages for conferences. Feel free to inquire about these if you are interested.

The Livecommunity on will aggregate everything happening on major web 2.0 media services (flickr, Technorati…) related to the Going Solo conference. Just join the community and tag you photos, videos ang blogposts with „goingsolo“ and use the Twitter hastag #goingsolo to make your media appear on the Going Solo website. We hope to provide a service, that will add to the overall experience of the conference and foster communication and interaction among its visitors.

Online-Marketing-Düsseldorf connects visitors and exhibitors with Livecommunity

The Online Marketing Düsseldorf (OMD) takes place in Dusseldorf on September 17th and 18th, 2008. With its wide-ranging exhibition offering for the digital marketing economy, including congress, workshops and specials, the fair has emerged as one of the most important platforms in the online marketing industry. In 2007 there were more than 250 exhibitors and more than 11.000 visitors.

Djure Meinen of 50hz who is in charge of the social media activities of the Online Marketing Düsseldorf installed the Livecommunity on their official blog theME08 to connect visitors and exhibitors of the fair. Furthermore the Livestream aggregates all media related to the fair which is posted to flickr, sevenload and blogs (Technorati).

Twitterers please use #OMD or #theme08 as hashtags, media and blogpostst should be tagged theme08.

Sites integrating the theme08 Livecommunity so far:

Join the community now.

six groups integration in

That was fast… it took the developers from construktiv (the company behind and only one day to fully integrate the six groups activity feeds into is a social media aggregator, which puts all of your online activities in one place. This way your friends can instantly keep up-to-date whenever you write a new blog entry, post pictures on flickr, post videos on YouTube, write on twitter, are active on facebook, and bookmark on Mister Wong… and now also when you are active on six groups.

The service is currently in closed beta. But nevertheless: we have a bunch of invite-codes. Just leave a comment here and we will send you an invite-code.

If you are already a user all you have to do is to enter your six groups username and all your six groups activities will appear on

six groups Livecommunity – new WordPress widget

Matthias Pfefferle, blogger at and gifted programmer at Communipedia has just released a small wordpress plugin that makes integrating the Livecommunity into a WordPress blog even easier. All you need to do is copy the plugin to your WordPress blog installation, activate it and paste the Livecommunity code into the textarea. That’s it. No more template editing needed! Great work. Thanks a lot to Matthias for providing the plugin to the public! Download the plugin from his blog. geht mit six groups an den Start

Anfang dieser Woche ist online gegangen. Das Startup von Kai, Ole und Vincent hat es vor ein paar Monaten mit einem kleinen „Copy-Cat“ Skandal u.a. zu einem Artikel auf Techcrunch gebracht.

Was steckt hinter

Die Idee ist, sein digitales Leben und die Aktivitäten seiner Freunde im Internet an einem Ort zu bündeln. Ich kann in meinem Freundenews-Account meine Accounts von verschiedenen Online-Diensten eintragen. Alle Aktivitäten bei diesen Diensten werden dann automatisch bei aggregiert. Meine Freunde können somit an meinem digitalen Leben teilhaben. Das Stichwort hierzu heißt „Lifestream“ (mit „f“ wohlgemerkt).

Im Grunde genommen funktioniert Freundenews so wie der „Livestream“ von six groups, nur dass dort die Aktivitäten von Personen im Netz statt relevanter externer Content rund um Inhalte (per Tags) aggregiert wird.

six groups und

Wir haben uns für eine Kooperation mit Freundenews entschieden, weil es aus unserer Sicht absolut Sinn macht, seine six groups-Aktivitäten zusammen mit anderen Online-Aktivitäten an einem Ort zusammen zu führen.

Also, einfach einmal ausprobieren unter

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