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Speeding up Performance

By upgrading our database servers and finally switching to a master-slave setup we further optimized the performance of our site.
This led to a speed increase with up to 3 times faster query-responses resulting in a smoother browsing experience for our users.

Further upgrades will follow the next days.

Enjoy your faster!

OpenSocial on the Rise

The german magazine Internet World Business published an interview I did with Xing’s VP Michael Otto about integrating Google’s OpenSocial into their platform. It provides some insight about the complexity and the necessary resources a startup has to take into account in the process.

Sixgroups at the next09 conference


We are looking forward to meeting everyone at the next09 conference. We really enjoyed the mix of people last year.

If you are still looking for a ticket you can get 20% off by following this link.

See you there!



Good news everyone.

Last night we released the latest version of the sixgroups technology and platform. We call this „the stable release“, you might think this is sarcastic because of minor and major hick-ups that we will experience during the next days but in the long run sixgroups will be far more robust and faster. 🙂

Some new features:

We removed the chat length limitation of 140 characters. If you are syncing your shouts with twitter, no problem. It will automatically cut off your shout and post a link to the shout.

Feel free now to post messages on user walls in external livecommunities. (Yes, you could not do so in earlier versions 😉

We added an Ad space to the Livecommunity as unobtrusive as possible (hey, we have to make money somehow).
In this regard we only show ads to users that are not logged in- so if you are logged in you won’t see ads at all (nice, eh?).

Get a Livecommunity for your Website now. It’s easy, fun, and free:

All the best from the 6g Headquarter

Your 6g team.

The BarCamp has left the building.

The second BarCamp in Hamburg was one of this year’s pleasant surprises. From the good management, the roomy location and the really delicious catering to the interesting sessions it succeeded in motivating its participants. But then again, the latter may be connected. Who wants to meet on an empty stomach?
The only issue was that the initial timetable was a bit ambitious starting with breakfast at 8:30 h. It resulted in a reschedule of the key note to 10:30 h. Seems like the web crowd cannot be convinced to show up that early on a weekend.

The sessions covered a wide range of topics i.e. viral marketing of a community, writing and publishing books, Barack Obama’s online campaign and even fun sessions like analyzing cat communities (lolcats anyone?).

A novelty was the high demand for tech-topics like server scalability, load-balancing and the alike. One of these sessions even had to change rooms and in the end filled the first 4 rows of the main room.

The statistics of the Livecommunity of the BarCamp speak for themselves: A BarCamp is a TwitterCamp. Over the course of the event 2269 tweets showed up, making #bchh08 a trending topic on and even beating Berlin’s Webexpo 2008 who lead to 1910 tweets (running 3 days). More statistics can be found on the blog of one of the organizers.

This BarCamp really raised the bar for the next ones to come.
In short: See you all next year!

Hey there’s a barcamp in town!

On the weekend of November 22nd the second Barcamp Hamburg will take place. After last year’s success this year’s barcamp will be hosted at OTTO Hamburg.

This time the (un)conference will be supported by a Livecommunity. While the registration for the event is done with mixxt, the barcamp team chose a Livecommunity to display the activity of the barcamp community during and after the event. The Livestream will be displayed on three big screens at the location.
Additionally the Livecommunity will appear on topic-related websites and enables visitors to contribute and discuss the media related to the barcamp that shows up on the web (i.e. articles, photos, videos, tweets published with the official tag „bchh08“).
If you are a blogger or if you have a website that centers on one of the topics of the barcamp or web 2.0 in general feel free to put the Livecommunity of the Barcamp Hamburg 2 to your website (note the Livecommunity-bar at the top of this blog). The javascript code-snippet can be found on the widget page.

We are looking forward to participating in interesting sessions.

See you at  Barcamp Hamburg 2!

Update: OpenID und Amazon S3

In Der Nacht zum Freitag wurde ein neues Update eingespielt. Neben den typischen kleineren Fixes zu den bisherigen Features gibt es zwei nennenswerte Neuerungen, die wir hier kurz vorstellen möchten:


six groups bietet nun, wie versprochen (2), zusätzlich zur Anmeldung mit Benutzername und Passwort auch OpenID an.
Mit OpenID wird das Anmelden und der Login auf verschiedenen Sites ganz einfach. Ein User legt einfach EIN Profil bei einem der zahlreichen OpenID Provider an. Auf Seiten, die OpenID unterstützen kann er sich dann ganz einfach mit seiner OpenID Url einloggen und ersetzt somit den klassischen Anmeldeprozess. Ein sehr sinnvoller Ansatz, den wir hiermit als eines der ersten deutschen Startups unterstützen.

Amazon S3

Das Hosting der Bilder wurde auf Amazons S3 (Simple Storage Service) umgestellt. Diese Auslagerung sichert eine zuverlässige Auslieferung der Bilder und vereinfacht die Verteilung der Applikation auf mehrere Server. Bei erhöhten Nutzerzahlen sind wir so in der Lage ein flexibleres Load Balancing umzusetzen. Für die Nutzer bedeutet das schlicht: gute Erreichbarkeit auch bei erhöhten Nutzerzahlen.

Wie immer sind wir an Eurem Feedback interessiert. Nutzt dafür einfach unsere Support-Community oder die Feedback-Funktion in six groups (Ihr müsst dafür eingeloggt sein.)!


In der Nacht von Dienstag auf Mittwoch konnten wir erfolgreich den Umzug unserer Applikation auf neue Server abschließen. Nach dem reibungslosen Wechsel des Datenbankservers vor einer Woche wird six groups nun komplett bei Hetzner gehostet. Unterstützt wurden wir dabei von RCS Networks. Als Ergebnis hat das Entwicklerteam nun noch mehr Kontrolle über die Server, unter anderem durch ausgefeilte Statistiken und Logfiles. Die Nutzer dürfen sich über ein um über 50% schnelleres six groups freuen.

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